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3D Renderings

These are the 3D renderings of Abrams’ Tower West in Los Angeles. They were conceived before several structural changes were made both for practical reasons and to comply with complicated city building and safety regulations.

What one sees here is an existing garage on the ground floor. Above it is the addition of a room for hosting art receptions, cultural, educational, humanitarian and social events, a top deck with a 360 degree view and a canopy roof top that is illuminated in the evening with various lighting effects.

Among the few significant changes in the actual construction, the small room to the left of the tower, seen in the renderings, has been moved to the ground floor. In its place is a stairway to the top floor. An overhang seen in the drawings on the left and front side of the garage roof has been removed and the concrete bricks of the exterior garage walls have been covered with stucco. Finally, due to the permitted height limitations, the pyramid shape of the canopy roof is at a much lower angle as it starts 3 feet higher than the deck railing. This was done in order to make it possible to obtain the 360 degree view without having to kneel or be seated.

Note: These renderings were created by Alina Hasan. 

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