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How to View this Site

A few pointers and recommendations on navigating this site:

The format focuses on visuals, with full-screen slide show presentations with smaller images, video clips, and text on the same page. To see a the full view of the background, click the small white toggle button at the top of the page.

NOTE: There are also a few pages where nothing blocks the view of the full-screen images and slide shows. In such cases, the menu will reappear by rolling the cursor over a second small white circle found just below the sun-moon logo.

Also, it is possible to return to the home page by clicking on the sun-moon logo.

Menu Bar Navigation

Please note that titles in the menu bar with arrows are directions to subpages. It is only possible to click on menu titles without arrows.

Other Page Viewing Options

Some pages feature slideshow forward and back buttons. By moving one’s cursor to the bottom right corner, a play/pause button will appear.

Text Hyperlinks

White underlined texts within larger bodies of text serve several purposes as hyperlinks. Some cross-reference other pages within the site, others to documents, images, or other information. However, in most instances, they link to other relevant websites.

Thumbnail Images

Small thumbnail images found on numerous pages within this rectangular box can be enlarged by clicking.

NOTE: In some cases, enlarging the images will result in curious surprises.