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New Expo Line Opens – LA Renaissance?

Posted on: May 20, 2016 by admin |

The first construction of new LA Expo Line, next to a marijuana medical clinic, in March of 2013

There seems to be a renaissance underway in LA that I would have never imagined upon returning home in 2012 and today marks one of its main features: the inaugural opening of the new Expo Line of the Los Angeles MetroRail System. This fifteen mile long light rail line travels all the way from downtown to the seaside of Santa Monica. From today’s May 20, 2016 LA Times newspaper:

Why the Expo Line to Santa Monica marks a rare kind of progress in American Cities

To think that not only has this seemingly impossible rebirth come to fruition since my mother took me as a young boy on the long ago dismantled commuter train system to downtown LA’s Clifton Cafeteria and that this famous historical cafeteria recently reopened. This is as remarkable as the fact that the LA Rams football team will play again in the famous LA Coliseum, where as a boy I saw them play, after leaving it in 1980 for Anaheim Stadium in Orange Country, then taking flight in 1995 for St. Louis, seemingly for good. It is as if major lost icons of the city’s history have returned from the dead. From Football Stadium Digest on March 13, 2016:

For Rams, Return to Los Angeles Coliseum Will Be a Spartan Affair

In 1979, Rams fans cheered at LA International Airport as the team was about to play in their only Super Bowl until 1999 and 2001, after relocating to St. Louis

Last but not least, my own contribution of Abrams’ Tower which is within walking distance of the new Westwood/Rancho Park station is nearing its own completion. 

The personal significance of all of this is directly related to the multimedia art project called The Underground Cathedral, which I have developed during 4 decades as described here:

The Underground Cathedral Introduction 

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