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A few pointers on navigating and fully enjoying this interactive multimedia experience:

– The site is designed for optimal viewing on a desktop or laptop computer.

– Full-screen slideshows are found in the background of most pages and they become visible by clicking on the small white button at the top of the page.

– Small “thumbnail” images found on many pages of the site may be enlarged by clicking on them.

– Hyperlinks (underlined text) found in the middle of bodies of text will usually open a separate browser window. In such cases, clicking on the back button will not return to the prior page.

– On numerous pages, by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom-right of the screen, a play/pause button will appear. Forward and back arrows are found on the right of these pages to click through these images manually.

– Clicking on the upper left blue mandala logo returns to the homepage.

Though it is not advisable to explore the site on tablets or smartphones, should there be no other option, please note the following:

A)  The menu bar items with arrows (>) to the right of the text are not intended to be clickable. They are only intended to point to sub-pages. However, on touch-sensitive screens clicking on them may open an “error” page.

B) The second menu choice, “The Underground Cathedral,” also connects to an older website by that name. Pages of the old site have asterisks (*) next to them to indicate that they will not be visible on tablets or smartphones unless a “Flash” animation responsive browser is installed. The introductory page of the site contains links to download these free browsers, by clicking here.