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Frederick Abrams


Welcome to my new website, which I have conceived as a comprehensive documentation and archive of many years of work and activities in a wide variety of artistic and cultural disciplines. 


Navigating the site is quite simple. All pages contain full screen background images or slide shows, which in most cases are partially hidden, as one sees here, behind a dark shaded center box containing text, images and/or video clips. This box, a vertical menu bar to its left and the sun/moon Abrams’ Tower logo will disappear when one clicks on the white toggle switch containing two tiny arrows at the top of the screen. They will reappear upon clicking on the toggle button again. 


This menu contains an enormous amount of material including illustrated stories I have written. It is divided into several main categories and sub categories. Among them are:

From the Red Star to the Golden Arches

My true story as a native Californian artist and business owner of having both witnessed and participated in the dramatic rebirth of Poland, from a communist satellite state of the Soviet Union to its membership in the European Union during the rise of globalization.

Abrams’ Tower East

Full documentation of the history of the cultural venue and multicultural restaurant that I owned and operated inside of a medieval tower in Wrocław, Poland, this relatively unknown city to become an annually selected “European Culture Capital” for this coming year of 2016. This is also the main subject of my true story of, “From the Red Star to the Golden Arches.”

Abrams’ Tower West

Three dimensional animated renderings of the contemporary tower that is inspired by Abrams’ Tower East, which is soon to become a new media art gallery and multicultural conscious raising center in West Los Angeles. 

The Underground Cathedral

Extensive documentation of an over thirty-five year long and counting multimedia art project which studies underground transportations of the world, with its primary focus on the Western Hemisphere.

Je Suis Banned in France

The unimaginable tale of the results of my efforts to contribute the central artwork of “The Underground Cathedral” to Paris at the time in 1989 when public works by artists, such as the glass pyramid at the Louvre, were commissioned in the name of the two hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution. 

Miscellaneous Artworks

Historical documentation my other work in various media from photography to traditionally executed stained glass.