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Chapter Eight

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Cancelled Future

These 3D renderings represent what would have been my ultimate contribution to the city of Wrocław and Poland at large. My dream was to replace the destroyed tile roof with transparent glass panels, still conforming their placement to the roof’s original shape. In so doing, I would not be compromising the building’s historical integrity. This would have allowed for a spectacular panoramic view overlooking nearby Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island). It would have served at night as a beacon of light in the central city, which would have solved all issues of the tower being difficult to see by people passing by.

Baszta would have become a must-visit, made-for-a-postcard tourist attraction with economic earning potential beyond anything previously imagined to be possible.

Further, the exterior walls were to be illuminated after dark with colorful slide show projections. On top of this, capacity seating would have easily expanded from 50 to at least 80 customers. This was critical because 50 seats were too few to accommodate many possible events and gatherings – especially Polish wedding parties, which tend to be large enough to fill a basketball arena, even without retired Michael Jordon playing.


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