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Contemporary Stained Glass


These are examples of my architectural and environmental commissioned work from the late 1970s and ’80s. These projects broke with the traditions of the medium.

The first photos and background full-screen image are of a 14 x 14 foot skylight that I designed and executed in 1985, which was installed in a three-tiered brass frame. It was artificially illuminated above a brass canopy and a 360-degree bar of the Embassy Suite Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The following four images are of minimalist windows that interact with the exterior view. They were created for oceanside residences in Malibu, California.

These two photos are of bathroom windows, the first one louvered, the second a sliding window, for a residence in West Los Angeles. Mostly consisting of clear transparent glass of various textures, the pieces were conceived to interact with exterior vegetation.

The circular overhead lampshade (below left) is one of eight created for a lounge area at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. The image to the lower right is the first of a series of creating the illusion of a floating 3D constructivist object, as opposed to composing a design within the confines of a traditional rectangular frame.

These last images represent a continuation of this concept, entitled, “The Glass Celluloid Series,” each construction incorporating the illusion of 35mm strips of film.